Google to Offer Certificates “Equivalent to a 4-Year Degree” – Digital Marketing Expert Scott Hirsch Weighs In

On July 14th, Google announced the release of its new certification programs on Coursera – Google’s virtual learning platform. These certifications are meant to be completed over the course of six months and cost only $49 per month. For those who can’t afford that fee, Google is providing 100,000 needs-based scholarships and over $10 million in grants for non-profit organizations that plan to offer the certification programs to veterans, women, and underrepresented Americans.

“This is an amazing opportunity for so many people,” says CEO and digital marketing guru, Scott O Hirsch. “And the most interesting part of this isn’t that Google has created these certifications. It’s the weight they’re putting on them as hiring qualifications. That’s what’s going to start disrupting the industry.”

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