Job Hunting in a COVID Workforce: Tips for 2020 Grads Who are Still Looking

The good news is that the U.S. unemployment rate fell to 6.7% in November – down by 8 percentage points from its pandemic high in April of about 15%. The bad news is that well-paying jobs are still hard to find, as many positions that were furloughed or eliminated during the Coronavirus pandemic have not been restored or replaced.  However, this is not the time to give up the job search. Instead, now is a great time to break through and position yourself as the BEST option when companies are ready to hire.

Scott Hirsch CEO

Scott Hirsch CEO

This will undoubtedly be easier for those who had jobs before the pandemic. With their work histories and skillsets fully demonstrated and proven, they will most likely be the first re-hired when things get back to, dare I say, normal.

But recent grads – many of whom participated in the first-ever fully remote graduation ceremonies – are notably in a tougher spot. They presumably have a great education under their belts, and hopefully an internship or two, but as they look for their first full-time job, they have met great barriers. To them, I say, fear not! Your time will come.

Unfortunately, it might be a while, as the country seems to be entering a “darkest before the dawn” phase ahead of widespread vaccine availability. So, as they make ends meet by completing last-mile deliveries, babysitting remote-learning children, landscaping or completing other needed services, here are some tips for them to take advantage of what they do have… time!

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