Scott Hirsch CEO Shares Top Tips For Building Brands And Excelling In Sports Management

How Tenacity, Time Management, And Determination Helped Scott Hirsch CEO Rise To The Top In Both Branding And Sports Management

Scott Hirsch doesn’t just know how to build new brands, he’s also shown that he’s a phenom in the sports management game. From creating and selling major e-mail marketing brands like Naviant to managing world-class boxers, Scott Hirsch CEO has shown that he knows how to keep multiple tasks spinning, all while making it look easy. Here, he explains how he balances various professional ventures.

Eye On The Prize

Scott Hirsch CEO says that it’s vital to have an end goal in mind, especially when you’re starting a brand or business from the ground up. He maintains that it requires staying focused on the prize, even when dealing with the ups and downs of starting a new brand.

“It’s easy to get bogged down in the declines and flows of a new business,” says Hirsch, “but if you’re going to succeed, you need to be able to look past the day to day and see the bigger picture.”

His success with eDirect shows that Scott Hirsch CEO knows how to stay committed to growing something new. eDirect started as an e-mail marketing business in 1998 when many companies were beginning to consider the idea of digging into digital advertising. eDirect merged with Naviant in 2002 and Hirsch later sold Naviant to Equifax for 135 million.

Solid Time Management Practices – How Scott Hirsch CEO Makes It Work

Scott Hirsch says that in addition to refusing to get caught up in the day to day small changes of starting a business, it’s also essential to manage your time. Hirsch says he takes inspiration from some of the athletes he manages.

“When it comes to boxing, the slightest misstep in training can give the other guy an edge. I see my athletes work to make the most of every moment leading up to a fight, and I work to put that same tenacity into my professional life,” says Hirsch.

Taking Risks

According to Scott Hirsch CEO, it’s also important to know that not everything you do is going to pay off, and that’s ok.

“If you never lose, you aren’t putting yourself out there,” Scott Hirsch CEO, stated. “You won’t win them all, but the more carefully calculated risks you take, the better your chances of winning big.”