Scott Hirsch elaborates on Team Building in Digital Marketing

With the constant evolution of the digital realm, it may feel increasingly difficult to assemble the right blend of marketers to handle all your different digital channels. We sat down with Appsbar and Naviant founder Scott Hirsch this week to pick up some useful tips on how to find the best possible digital marketing talent to round out your office team.

“I feel like everything starts with your selection of the right Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or similar title,” said Hirsch in an interview. “That’s the person in the room that can see the big picture across many channels. They’ll have a resume packed with leadership success stories and can go into detail about the turning point in each campaign.”

When asked about where to start with a small core team, Hirsch had this advice to offer-

“Your first hire should probably be a designer that’s sort of a jack of all trades when it comes to HTML, images, SEO and sales funnels,” added Hirsch. “Maybe they’re not world-class in every category, but they have to have that strong foundation to understand what works online and how it drives customers.”

Hirsch also recommended prioritizing a well rounded social media expert and a great content writer, plus at least one highly experienced candidate in email marketing.

“Consumers these days expect to have a blended experience with your brand across many different channels,” shared Hirsch, “so you have to be able to execute well on your website, on social channels and through email. Each aspect alone is helpful but together, the extra engagement makes a massive difference in long term ROI’s.”

Scott Hirsch also recommended filling out your team with creative thinkers, regardless of position or job title. This will help your team streamline campaign ideas faster and generally achieve higher levels of success in marketing. While you certainly want a cohesive team that aligns on overall vision, it’s also good to have one or two out-of-the-box thinkers that will challenge others to think bigger and bolder.

“In marketing, it’s easy to fall into a pattern where something works really well and you just keep doing that same thing over and over,” Hirsch added. “But at the same time, that limits the growth of your marketing staff and eventually makes you fall behind. It’s better to constantly innovate, take some risks in marketing, and use each campaign as a learning experience.”

Originally published on Accesswire on 3/13/2020