Marketing Entrepreneur Scott Hirsch Examines The State of Email Marketing and Email Mistakes To Avoid In 2021

In a time where social media is king yet still a moving target, email marketing continues to thrive, engaging consumers more than ever during the most disruptive year on record. While most traditional marketers struggle to break through the digital landscape, a HubSpot survey indicates that 80% of email marketers saw an increase in engagement in 2020, gaining $42 for every $1 spent on email marketing.


Scott Hirsch: Connections Are Key to Growing Your Audience in the Future

Marketing entrepreneur Scott Hirsch has consistently touted the increasing value of email marketing and has examined the industry’s successes and failures in 2020, looking ahead to new challenges in 2021.


“You can sell all day long,” says Hirsch, “but the key to growing your business with email marketing is by building trust in your customer relationships, taking them on an ongoing journey in the process.”


Personalization is the name of the game, and Scott Hirsch has emphasized that companies should create human connections through personalized messaging. Audience segmentation is the one that is here to stay, with 3-5 emails per week seeing the highest customer ROI.


Scott Hirsch: Keep Your Eye on the Prize with Focused Strategies

“Mistakes are easy to make but even easier to avoid,” Hirsch stressed. “If marketers want to stay in the game in 2021, a few simple tweaks on the ground floor of campaign strategy can make all the difference.”


For Scott Hirsch, the biggest mistakes that email marketers can make are all tied to having a clear vision. “Make your CTA easy to find, foster urgency with your CTA, and grab the customer right away with an engaging subject line.” Hirsch sees setting concrete objectives as the simplest yet most effective strategy to drive engagement in email marketing.


“Most importantly,” Hirsch notes, “those objectives must be tied to specific audience segments, instead of trying to reach everyone at once. Combining these segmented campaigns with the right email template will ensure engaged messaging reception. For instance, utilizing lead-nurturing campaigns or targeted automated campaigns that take users on a journey to impact their buying behavior.”


Scott Hirsch: Mobile Optimization is Vital for Long-Term Success

Finally, in 2021, Scott Hirsch sees email marketers who optimize for mobile as the ones who will continue to see more substantial gains in the new year. Up to 70% of readers will read marketing communications on mobile devices, and simple clean formatting will keep customers engaged.


“Keep the space generous, but not lonely, with single-column, readable text, in a package built for conversions. Don’t rely heavily on images, as this is an often-overlooked mistake not to be repeated by successful marketers paving the way for the future. Without being heavy-handed – always be converting.”


Scott Hirsch understands consumers’ continued preference to connect with brands via email and encourages fellow email marketers to embrace human connections to foster long-term returns.