Scott Hirsch Shares Three Ways to Strengthen Your Marketing Process During COVID-19

Media Direct CEO Scott Hirsch shares how his employees are staying ahead of the competition during the COVID-19 pandemic

If there’s one thing serial entrepreneur Scott Hirsch values in his employees at data marketing firm Media Direct, it’s having a versatile skill set to better serve their customers. While very few will become an expert in everything digital, Scott feels that a deeper understanding of the different elements of marketing helps his team collaborate more efficiently and ultimately serve their customers better. Here are a few tips he provided to his own team in recent weeks so they can continue to grow during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Take a Few Online Digital Marketing Courses

Since everyone from Google to HubSpot to major universities now offer free digital marketing training and certification, it’s become very easy for marketers to expand their skills without opening their wallets. Scott Hirsch has recommended for his team members to spend at least one hour per week learning a new skill or brushing up on an old one. However, his advice doesn’t just pertain to traditional courses like email marketing or search optimization; he sees just as much value in a creative writing or photography class since they directly correlate to skills used in the workplace daily.

Become Active on Blogs, Video Sites & Forums

Scott Hirsch also shared that back when he was pioneering the concepts of email marketing and display ads, the only source of inspiration outside the office came from his colleagues and direct competitors. Perhaps one of the greatest things about the digital marketing industry is that there are millions of hours of content online from virtually all of the world’s leading experts. So if you’re struggling to figure out how to take your campaigns to the next level, find a new mentor on YouTube or one of the thousands of industry blogs and forums. Be sure to follow your favorites on Twitter as well to stay up to date on their latest innovations.

Learn to Network Effectively on Social Media

While Scott Hirsch isn’t a huge fan of social media for personal use, he’s found a lot of value over the years in reaching out on sites like LinkedIn to connect with new colleagues, offer help whenever it’s needed and build relationships with peers. He uses networking for a variety of reasons- it’s great for brainstorming a new concept and equally helpful when you need help outside your areas of expertise.

Scott Hirsch is an Internet Marketing Pioneer and CEO of Media Direct, one of the nation’s largest data-driven digital marketing agencies. Across his 25+ year career, he’s pioneered many of today’s most important digital marketing concepts including email marketing and display advertising. Scott is a regular contributor to ForbesCEO World Magazine and countless other publications.