Scott Hirsch on the Topic of Accepting The Right Clients as an Digital Marketing Agency

It may seem like any potential client is a good client for new Digital Marketing and SEO Agencies, especially as they work on a reliable revenue stream. But experienced entrepreneur and founder of marketing services Scott O Hirsch advise all new SEO agencies to think about the client list they are building.

There is such a thing as a “wrong” client for your agency, and Scott has seen how these poor client decisions cost valuable time, resources, and even money that could be otherwise spent improving the business. Here are several crucial tips to consider when accepting clients and avoiding this common pitfall.

Does the Client Have the Resources For Their End of the Project?

Scott Hirsch knows that a client should be able to provide information on the exact resources they have to deal with on their end. If they say they can take care of the website, they should be able to explain what web development workers they are using or what web specialist they have in-house to handle situations. The same is true of content creation, collecting customer data, and so on. Scott Hirsch suggests always checking the details.

Some clients may not understand they are unequipped to fulfill what they agree on, while others may outright lie or try to manipulate an agency into doing extra work. It’s crucial to find out ahead of time if so.

Is The Size of The Project The Right Fit?

Scott O Hirsch reminds agencies that there is such a thing as biting off more than you can chew. If a client comes with a considerable budget and very ambitious plans, it can be tempting to accept the offer even if you aren’t prepared. However, this leads to future disappointment:

Agencies under-equipped to deal with big-budget clients will not be able to provide the expected results. That leads to an angry client, a damaged brand, and time wasted on goals that could not be completed. That’s why it’s always an option to refer a client to another agency.

Likewise, as an SEO agency grows, there may be some clients with projects that are too small for you to handle efficiently, and it’s fine to refer them to other options as well.

What SEO Benefits Can The Client Realize?

Remember, clients may not be sure how much of a difference SEO services can make for them or even understand what SEO can and can’t do. Scott Hirsch recommends asking for the details and taking a close look at analytics before accepting any client. Check out traffic, targeted keywords, past growth, and what goals the client has in mind.

Sometimes, an SEO project isn’t viable for a client or won’t result in the changes a client wants. It’s also essential to set a clear timeline so clients know and accept when they can start seeing results.

Scott Hirsch on the Topic of Why You Should Think About Company Culture As Well

Finally, always meet with a client and get a sense of how they’d work with the agency culture. Sometimes a client can look great on paper, but after more conversation, it becomes apparent that your agency wouldn’t be able to form an effective, long-term connection with them.