Scott Hirsch Offers Advice on Revamping Your Post-Pandemic Digital Marketing Strategy

Forbes Business Council member Scott Hirsch explains how to reach a target audience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scott O. Hirsch is a successful digital marketer with more than twenty years of experience selling a wide range of goods and services to the general public. He recently spoke with Forbes to offer advice to business owners who need to revise their marketing strategy in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it if you’re able: email marketing, direct mail, mobile marketing, data appending, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, customer profiling, and analytics, etc.”, Hirsch states. “When facing a crisis, it might feel like the sky is falling, but stick to your plans. Remain focused on customer acquisition and retention.”

Granted, not all companies can execute the exact same marketing strategy they planned out at the beginning of the year, but it’s a good reminder that now is not the time to stop what’s already been working for your company. Even if sales numbers are down from the COVID-19 pandemic, marketing keeps you relevant to your customer base and ensures a long-term outlook. Hirsch suggests that by focusing on brand integrity, it gives consumers confidence that you have their best interests at heart.

At the same time, Scott O. Hirsch makes it clear that companies will need to update their messaging to ensure that it is sensitive to what potential customers are going through. For instance, provide clear information on business operating hours, any limitations you may be facing and changes in your products and services. Tying your information into COVID-19-related news from authoritative sources such as the CDC is also a good idea.

“If you have someone on your team who has been volunteering, share it,” Hirsch says. He accurately points out that doing so not only helps you stay in touch with customers but also brightens their day by sharing the good news.

Finally, he points out that the coronavirus won’t be around forever. “There is a dawn coming for all of us. The digital marketing landscape might be altered, but don’t stop working toward your organization’s future goals. Work hard, and know that this is as good of a time to work toward your goals as any,” Hirsch of Delray Beach, FL says. It’s a message that is much-needed amidst all the dire pandemic-related news pouring in from different parts of the world, and it’s one well-worth remembering as business owners bravely step out of quarantine to re-open operations and once again serve their communities.

About Scott O. Hirsch

Scott O. Hirsch is an international digital data marketing expert with a successful track record as a serial entrepreneur. He is currently the CEO of Media Direct and over the course of his career, Scott has helped pioneer some of the most utilized data technology concepts used today. He has been published in INC, Forbes, Huffington Post, and Fox Business.