Scott Hirsch Takes A Closer Look At SOM

Scott Hirsch, CEO of Media Direct in Florida, talks about an important new digital marketing tool, Search Originated Marketing


Today, online marketers have a new tool at their disposal that can revolutionize the way they reach prospective customers. Scott O Hirsch recommends Search Originated Marketing for those looking for ways to innovate their eCommerce strategy in 2021. This methodology involves sending digital offers to browsers searching for valuable keywords that describe your business.

Why Scott Hirsch Chose SOM

Search Originated Marketing has many benefits. One of the main advantages of using this approach involves improving your search rankings. Using SEO to optimize your content can direct a lot of searches to your website, and it also improves your ranking on Google. With SOM, you combine this proven technique with offers to help enhance your conversion rate.

Scott Hirsch, CEO and eCommerce expert, uses SOM to achieve a boost in organic traffic. This technique increases your brand visibility and gives more people access to your site through searches. Siege Media, for example, revived its site from 0 to 100,000 visits in 12 months.


Scott Hirsch Points Out a Rise in Traffic

When you drive consistent traffic to your site through organic searches, you already have a customer halfway through the sales process. To convert these leads, a well-directed offer can close the deal. That’s where SOM comes into play.

Scott O Hirsch, CEO of Media Direct, knows from experience that getting an audience that is already interested in your niche gives your company an advantage in online marketing.

Visitors come to your website as they are actively searching for similar products and services. When they see an offer, it can arouse their interest and help them decide to buy.

Enhance the User Experience, Urges Scott Hirsch in Florida

SOM enhances the user experience, and it also helps you leave the right impression on prospective customers. Search Originated Marketing connects you with those who already want to find a solution for their wants and needs.

Scott O Hirsch urges marketers to take advantage of this innovative new tool to reshape their marketing strategies in 2021. Enhance the user experience further with easy to navigate fast performing mobile-friendly websites.

When you make it easier for people to get to your site, find the information they need and give them an offer they can’t refuse, it results in more significant sales and higher customer satisfaction.