In times of disruption, Scott O. Hirsch believes freelancers are a smart answer to fill temporary gaps in employment needs.

With the current Coronavirus pandemic, many Americans find themselves stuck at home due to social distancing. While some people are working from home for their regular employers, those who have lost jobs are turning to the gig economy. This could be a big opportunity for businesses to start working with freelancers, and Scott O. Hirsch took to his medium to share some advice for large and small businesses that are now turning to this readily available workforce.

Scott is a serial entrepreneur who clearly has what it takes to run a successful business. He’s also an internationally-recognized expert in digital data marketing and has used freelancers in the past to start several companies that have gone on to be acquired by industry leaders. He shares that businesses struggling in the current economy should think about the money they save by working with freelancers.

“The math is pretty simple,” says Hirsch. “You don’t pay freelancers benefits, nor do you pay their taxes.” Additionally, freelancers are usually responsible for paying for their own office supplies, including things like computers, internet, and software. It’s clear to see why Scott Hirsch believes that hiring freelancers can be a positive decision for business owners.

If you’re nervous about hiring new workers remotely, Hirsch notes that working with freelancers gives you the opportunity to “try before you buy”. In this day and age, companies need workers who are flexible. They need people who are go-getters and able to manage their own time wisely. It’s hard to assess these skills in a job interview. Unlike those who have always worked in traditional office settings, freelancers have been completing projects without heavy-handed oversight for years. They usually have the skills, but you can check out those skills without a big commitment. Hirsch says, “Working with freelancers gives you a chance to see what kind of people you want on your team and what kind of people you don’t.” If you really like the freelancer you’ve hired, you may have the opportunity to hire them full-time. If you don’t think they’re a good fit, you can simply move on to the next person once their project is complete.

Scott O. Hirsch also believes that freelancers may also represent a natural source of brand advocates. Once a freelancer has a positive experience with your company, they’ll become loyal supporters. “This means they’ll be proud to include the work they did for you in their portfolios, and they’ll probably be glad to share your social media content via their own channels.”

There’s never been a better time to work with freelancers, and by following the advice of Scott O. Hirsch, you’ll see positive impacts on your business.

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