Scott O Hirsch Provides Tips On Building Links For Ecommerce & Affiliate Sites In 2021

Scott O Hirsch of Florida-based Media Direct provides tips on boosting eCommerce traffic with link building.

When you start a link-building campaign, you have to decide on the approach to take. Keep in mind that unlinked mentions can also direct traffic to your site. This expands your options when dealing with affiliates and other link-building resources, says Scott O Hirsch of Media Direct in Boca Raton, FL.

According to Scott Hirsch, the most effective approach includes researching articles that already reference your brand and asking them to link back to your web page. Remember to consider different types of branding for the best results in your link-building campaigns. Here are several branding types that you can use to expand your strategy and increase organic traffic to your website:

  • Company brands (Wayfair, Everytable)
  • Product brands (Purple, Nectar, Bulletproof)
  • Retail brands (Nike, Apple)
  • Executive brands (Bill Gates)

Scott O Hirsch recommends using prospecting tools to find brand mentions that aren’t linked back to your pages. Popular prospecting tools include Moz Fresh Web and BuzzStream. If you’re looking for automation, consider Mention by PureLinq.

Scott Hirsch Reflects on the Right Pages to Include in Link Building Campaigns

An examination of competing content can help you identify where you need to build more visibility. Start with your home page if you don’t already have an aggressive link-building campaign to drive traffic there, says Scott O Hirsch.

Top pages for link building campaigns should include the following:

  • Linking to the homepage works well when you want to target top-level category keywords. Additionally, if you have a new site and want to build a brand presence, you should focus on the home page in link-building efforts. Targeting the home page also makes sense when you are launching a new website.
  • Category pages are good targets for link building when you want to target high search keywords or launch a sales-focused campaign, per Scott O Hirsch.
  • Scott O Hirsch says Individual Item Pages work well in link-building campaigns where you want to target low search volume keywords or focus on product-specific keywords.
  • Educational or information pages are prime targets for link-building campaigns of over six months. This is also a great way to build domain authority for industries and draw attention to sensitive products.

“Targeting the right pages for link-building campaigns can help you drive organic traffic to your site. It’s also a great way to highlight new websites and products you are promoting. You also need to evaluate the return on investment of various link building sources,” states Scott O Hirsch.