Peter Zieve: Opportunity is Everywhere, You Just Have to See it; Curiosity; & Electroimpact

A family man, entrepreneur, engineer, and now politician.

Peter Zieve was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin. He grew up under an engineer, as well. So, Peter Zieve eventually decided to attend MIT, where his brother went as well, and graduated from in 1976 with a BS in Electrical Engineering.

He later entered graduate school at MIT and founded EFB Inc.

He stayed with EFB Inc until 1983 when he entered graduate school at the University of Washington to eventually earn a PhD in Mechanical Engineering.

As part of his PhD program, he developed the Low Voltage Electromagnetic Riveter and started Electroimpact, Inc. upon graduation in July 1986.

It’s been in operation for 35 years. Peter’s son Michael also attended MIT and is serving as a Vice-President of Electroimpact.

You can say it runs in the family.

Enjoy this deep dive and special format on the life of Peter and the story of Electroimpact Inc.